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About us

 The company was founded 11 years ago by the owner after having spent 35 years in the area of clinical research in several senior positions at Merck & Co Inc. in the USA and Scandinavia. Today the company expertise consists of pharmacists with many years experience in clinical research and data management covering most therapeutic areas as well as a part time research nurse. The company was incorporated in 2012.

We are data management consulting company and not a full service CRO. We concentrate on what we love and know best, EDC and DATA MANAGEMENT. We work closely with OpenClinica LLC, Boston, USA and with EDC Scandinavia AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Our customers are typically small pharmaceutical companies without their own data management department. We have had customers in several European countries and beyond, but concentrate our customer base in Sweden and Denmark. Hospital research groups as well as regional goverment Health Care organisations also belong to our cutomer base.


Powering the

EDC revolution...

OpenClinica 3.4

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In 2012 we were selected to be the

Data Management Group

in the EU 7th Framework Programme for Health

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