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We can help you designing your study protocol and the e-CRF's. We provide a total electronic solution including an integrated data management solution. We use OpenClinicaTM for EDC, database, validation and data management. We have access to a library of CRF's from major institutions such as NCI, NIH and many others. Our CRF's are developed

according to CDISC/CDASH standards, Read more about OpenClinica 3.4. We also provide integrated support for e-pro using smart-phones, tablets and laptops


OpenClinica'sTM  data model was developed by OpenClinica LLC, near Boston, MA, USA. It is probably the most widely used EDC system in the world with over 120000 members in the user community. We participate in the development and testing of OpenClinicaTM and the new version 3.4   NEWS.


Powering the  

EDC revolution...

OpenClinica 3.4

More than 20 000 members

 in the user community

in 80 countries





We have more than 40 years experience from

the design of clinical studies and data manage-

ment systems.


We have experience from nearly all therapeutic areas including oncology and clinical studies in animal health.


We also have access to the scientific networks at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as well as the nearby University of Lund, the nearby Medicon Valley and the Biotech area at Ideon.


Our price structure is very competitive. We do

not charge any license fees or any other fees for the use of our software. We can also help you setting up your own clinical data management system with OpenClinicaTM . We provide hosting if needed.



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